Troubles With Squash

by danberube on July 21, 2013

It’s been a hot last few weeks, and that has meant a lot of watering and harvesting. As you can see below, I have picked 70% of my year-to-date harvest in the past two weeks. I’m now getting food out of the garden every day thanks to our zucchini and summer squash plants. The first wave of bush beans has arrived as have the first few tomatoes.

The biggest issue over the past two weeks has been with a the loss of some of my winter squash over at my parents house. I planted butternut, spaghetti, and hubbard squash, as well as watermelon, in their garden plot, but over the past two weeks I have lost all the hubbard and spaghetti squash, and some of the butternut squash. At first I thought it was due to the heat and lack of water. After digging up the spaghetti squash, I saw that roots has been largely eaten, and some type of bug left green eggs at the base of the roots. Luckily, I am not having the same problem with the plants over at my house, so I should still get a nice crop of spaghetti squash.

As we head toward August it is almost time over Fall planting. I have already started some cabbage, kale, and Brussels sprouts indoors. I plan to move these outdoors to the space freed up by the lost squash. I will also plant a fall crop of carrots, parsnips, peas and more with the space I have at my house.

Planted Past 2 Weeks
Brussels Sprouts
Bok Choy

Harvested Last 2 Weeks – 22.15 Pounds
Elephant Garlic
Cherry Tomatoes
Bush Beans

Total Season Harvest – 31.59 Pounds

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Susan Hadley July 23, 2013 at 7:57 pm

People do not appreciate how hard farming can be!! Who would have guessed something was eating your squash roots! I would have attributed it to the hot weather as well. Good luck with the rest of your harvest!!


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