Summer Planting, Squash and Garlic Scapes

by danberube on June 19, 2013

June is really the summer planting month, and as we near the end of the month I have to start making choices. I want to be able to plant fall crops in August and September, but I need space do so. Some plants like my spring peas, carrots and garlic should be removed by then, but many of the vegetables I plant now will still be producing during that time. It’s all about making choices. I have separated my main garden into five 60-foot long rows, each divided into 8 sections roughly 7-8 feet long each. So that’s 40 sections. I currently have planted in 37 sections. The other 3 will be fallow this summer, and then I will free up at least another 6 sections as I harvest peas, onions, garlic and carrots. Some of the fall seeds like kale and cabbage will begin their lives in starter pots, and be transferred into the garden as space becomes available.

This week I tried to wrap up my squash planting. I was a bit disappointed that none of my butternut squash seeds had germinated. I figured that the package must have been a dub, so I bought a few transplants from Farmer Dave’s. Butternut is my favorite squash and it keeps for a long time, allowing me to continue eating out of the garden into the fall. Of course, two days after I bought the transplants, two of the butternuts I planted finally decided to poke their heads up. Oh well. I also planted butternut squash at my parents house, and then when they didn’t come up I planted buttercup squash in the same bed. So that could be a bit of a tangled mess by the end of the summer. But that pretty much comes to with the territory with squash.

Finally, I am starting to enjoy seasonal eating. When you grow vegetables, you eat whatever is ready at that time. This week it was peas and garlic scapes. If you are not familiar with a garlic scape, it is the flower stock that grows out of some garlics. The scapes on my Elephant garlic are over a foot long. You are supposed to cut them because they impede the grow of the garlic bulbs, but as an added benefit they are very tasty! They have a mild garlic favor, and are great when cropped up in a stir-fry, or cooked with snow peas, as we used them this weekend.

Planted this Week
Pole Beans
Bush Beans

Harvested This Week – 1 Pound
Garlic Scapes

Total Season Harvest – 4.25 pounds

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nancye tuttle June 19, 2013 at 10:56 pm

I love your blog and your passion for gardening. We had small gardens over the years at our home in Acton – nothing too big due to lack of sun. For a few years we rented a community garden, which was fun but also a pain since we had to transport water and multiple crops seemed to come in around Labor Day when I was trying to get my two girls ready for back to school. One year there were so many pumpkins that every kid in the neighborhood – and there were plenty – got a pumpkin or two for their Halloween carving. Now that we are downsizing, my vegetable gardening will be limited to tomatoes and herbs in pots on our patio. But I will continue to follow your blog and enjoy your success. You definitely have a green thumb…happy farming!


nancye tuttle June 19, 2013 at 11:00 pm

And, wow, I just read your goals…very impressive! CSAs by 2015…I hope I can take advantage of that…does this mean you are leaving the MRT? I hope not.


danberube June 20, 2013 at 11:12 am

Thanks for reading Nancye, and its great you are still growing tomatoes and herbs! As for the future, who knows. I certainly am not going anywhere soon. As for the CSA, it would likely start our as a very small thing, maybe 5-10 shares the first year. Or I could join World Peas CSA as a producer and just sell some crops to them in addition to farmers markets. I’ll be taking a farm business class in the fall and that should help me solidify my plan. But no matter what, I’m sure I can find a way to get you some food!


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