Farming Season Has Begun

by danberube on May 9, 2014

In early June the turnips and radishes grown under
these protective row covers will be ready to harvest.

It’s been a long Spring of waiting around. I had hoped to be planting weeks ago, but the weather and soil just hasn’t cooperated. In fact, my main field over at New Entry’s Smith Field is still too wet to plow, and likely will remain so for the next couple of weeks. Luckily, another farmer in Dracut is allowing me to use one of his fields this season, which has doubled my available farmland. This gives me the opportunity grow substantially more vegetables this year, and even better, it gives me a dry field to work with so I can get in my first orders of radishes and turnips.

Smith Farm is still too wet to farm, but these
wild turkeys don’t mind.

Farming is very time dependent, and if I didn’t get those radish and turnip plantings in early this week, they wouldn’t be ready in time for delivery to World Peas. While moving these plantings to a new field required a major revision of my crop plan and field layout, it was totally worth it. With the additional space I was able to slot in additional carrot plantings, as well as a cabbage & pac choi row. I was also able to free up more space at Smith for squash, so we’ll be able to get more heirlooms planted in addition to the main crops of butternut and spaghetti. Next week I will finish transplanting leeks, and then begin prep work for the big summer vegetable planting the last week of May.

Planted/Transplanted This Week
German Radish

Growing in the Basement
Crookneck Squash
Golden Egg Squash

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DianneThomes June 8, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Hello Dan.
Trying to follow when we pick up produce, I know on Thursdays. When does it start? I really hope I haven’t missed a week.


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