About Berube Farm

Hi, my name is Dan Berube. Thanks for checking out my farm. I got into gardening several years ago as a way to spend sometime outside after a day in the office. I quickly got hooked, and now I am making the transition from gardener to farmer. My goal is to grow fresh, delicious food and share unique varieties of vegetables people may not have had the chance to try before.

Why buy local? For the taste!

There are many reason to buy local produce. You support a local small-business, reduce the carbon footprint of your food, and can gain much more information about your food as you can talk directly to your farmer about their methods. But the biggest reason is taste. I learned this at a young age. My parents raised chickens for eggs. These chickens were able to roam around our yard, eating bugs and worms and doing everything chickens are meant to do. And their eggs tasted amazing! Of course, since I grew up with these eggs, I thought this was how all eggs tasted. This simply isn’t the case. Conventionally farmed eggs have almost no taste. I won’t eat them, because they just don’t taste good. I was spoiled at an early age by farm-fresh eggs.

That is just one example of the sacrifice we have made for our current food distribution system. We now can get almost any type of food anytime we want, so seasonal eating no longer a part of our lives. This has benefits, but there is a price we pay for this, especially when it comes to vegetables. It forces farmers to grow food that can survive long trips and still look good, because people tend to buy vegetables based on how they look, not how they taste. To get this kind of durability, flavor is sacrificed. Luckily, when you buy local, the farmer doesn’t have to make this trade-off, and you can get food the way it is meant to taste!

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