2017 CSA Week 11

by danberube on September 10, 2017

Hello Farm Friends!

It feels like fall out there, so we’re adding in some fall veggies this week. After a long growing season, our butternut squash and leeks are finally ready! These are two of my favorite crops on the farm, so I hope you enjoy them.

Other than that, we’re starting to wind down the farm for the fall. Soon we’ll be plowing most of the field to plant a cover crop of winter rye. This protects the field during the off-season, and when we cut it in the spring and plow it back into the field, it will improve the soil fertility, consistency, and organic matter.

Remember we’ve only got 3 weeks left, so make sure you use up all your pickups for the season. If you need to know how many you have left, please email me.


Here is a list of what we are expecting to harvest this week. Please keep in mind this list is subject to change based on crop conditions.

Lookin’ Good
Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers
Butternut Squash
Red Russian Kale

Fingers Crossed
Swiss Chard

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